Executive Board Members:
Roy White
Murray Bauer
Reade White
Derek Bauer
Loreena White

Board Members:
Joseph Abboud

Jeffrey Bauer
Creative Workshop

Jason Budroni
University of Miami

Keith Bullock
Tennessee Titans

Chris Chambliss
New York Yankees

Barbara Comerford, Esq.
Ridgewood, New Jersey

Walt Frazier
New York Knicks

Edward H. Gilbert, Esq.
Boca Raton, Florida

Brian C. Harris, Esq.
Braff Harris & Sukoneck

Brian Kelley
New York Giants

Ed Kranepool
New York Mets

Hideki Matsui
New York Yankees

Gene Michael
New York Yankees

Jim Moscatello

Karl Nelson
New York Giants

Graig Nettles
New York Yankees

Augie Renna
Golden Nugget

Scott Rickli
Bauer Consulting

Mickey Rivers
New York Yankees

Mike Torrez
New York Yankees

Bob Watson
Major League Baseball



provides financial assistance to young adults and children whose desire to further their education is inhibited by financial complications.  It is our mission to help these individuals pursue their dreams and aspirations by easing the frustrating burden of monetary obligations.

Respect and decency are key attributes of Roy White, who played for 15 straight seasons with the New York Yankees and achieved many milestones during his outstanding professional career. His success as a professional ballplayer serves as a testament to the power of dedication.

Growing up poor in one of the tougher communities of Los Angeles, his aspiration to one-day play professional baseball was achieved through a rapacious desire to obtain knowledge and education, in order to present his best to the world.

Through programs like Books for Baseball and The Roy White Scholarship Award, The Roy White Foundation aims to teach young adults and children the benefits of self-sufficiency. Through its efforts, the Foundation hopes to demonstrate that the best way to achieve distant goals is by maintaining good values and never giving up hope. The Foundation will also help educate student athletes on the importance of continuing and completing their education, so that they are well prepared to enter the business world or any career path they choose to pursue.



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